Introduction To Blizzard

An innovative yield farming and staking platform on Binance Smart Chain
Blizzard.Money is the home of the Yeti! It’s easy to become part of the family, all you have to do is earn and stake xBLZD. Initially launching as one of the top yield farms on Binance Smart Chain, we are quickly evolving into an ecosystem of products to serve the majority of your DeFi needs.


  • A safe and secure experience brought to you by some highly regarded "BSC OGs".
  • High-yielding SnowBank vaults that earn interest bearing tokens that appreciate over time due to a rising price floor.
  • You can stake the native token (xBLZD) in a dividend pool that earns platform fees in BUSD.
  • Community interest and engagement dictates which pools get added to the SnowBank. Get involved!
  • Other innovative products being continuously developed that serve to benefit all xBLZD hodlers.
The focus of the Blizzard ecosystem is innovation, security, and safety. Our goal is to provide a constantly evolving, safe, and sustainable yield farming platform that is market agnostic. Make sure to check out our SnowBank vaults and get started!
Last modified 1yr ago