GALE Governance

The intention with SnowBanks is to continuously add new pools with the help of the community sentiment. With this in mind, we are opening up the forum for GALE holders to vote on what LP or single asset pools they would like to see. This page will serve as a guideline for making proposals.
Proposals will be made on the Blizzard.Money Snapshot located here.


In order to make a pool, it must have a host site, such as PancakeSwap. If the LP can't currently farm somewhere, it isn't eligible for a SnowBank. We reserve the right to refuse any proposal that is impossible, infeasable, or requires too much development. However, if it's on PancakeSwap, JetSwap, Beefy, etc, it's likely eligible to be a SnowBank. If you're not sure, feel free to ask in our Telegram and a mod can confirm before you make a proposal. While anyone can vote on a proposal with any amount of GALE, you must have 1000 GALE to make a new proposal. This amount will increase over time as supply increases. Note: Voting does not consume, cost, burn, or require you to send your tokens anywhere. Signing a transaction just proves your ownership and allows you to vote with your holdings.

Proposal Guidelines

  • Each proposal must be for one SnowBank vault. Proposals with multiple SnowBank suggestions will be rejected by the team.
  • Each Proposal should be Single Voting with Yes and No as the options. Please see below for screenshots.
  • Each Proposal must be open for voting for at least 5 days to allow ample time for voting.
At the end of the voting period, if the proposal has more than 50% of the vote and meets all other guidelines, it will be queued for integration into the SnowBank.
The team reserves the right to reject any proposal for any given reason. Generally, if a proposal follows all of the above guidelines it will be accepted by the team and implemented into the SnowBank.

Proposal Visual Walkthrough

First, navigate to You should see Blizzard Money with the GALE logo. Sign a transaction with your address to join.
Once you've joined the Blizzard snapshot, click to head over to the snapshot dashboard for Blizzard. You'll see any active proposals, as well as a menu on the left side (seen below.)

Creating a New Proposal

To create a new proposal for a SnowBank vault, click New proposal on the left hand menu. Note: You'll need at least 1000 GALE (at time of writing) to create a proposal.
Once here, you'll need to enter a Question, and proposal details. As long as this is coherent, meets the guidelines, and doesn't contain any issues, it will be integrated into the SnowBank during the next weekly add. See the below screenshot for an example. Please note that the Action must be Single choice voting, with the choices as "Yes" and No". The vote must also last at least 5 days.

Voting on a Proposal

Navigate to the main snapshot page for Blizzard Money. You'll need to select the proposal you want to vote on. Once there, it will look like the below example. Select "Yes" or "No" and then press vote. You'll see a confirmation of your choice. Sign the transaction to complete the vote.

Weekly Schedule

SnowBanks will be added on a rolling schedule weekly. The exact details will be relayed in our announcements and in chat. Stay tuned for all the details as we expand the SnowBank. Thank you for your participation!