Claiming Interest

Claiming the interest on GALE is simple. The first step is to navigate to the GALE tab on the left hand side of the Blizzard.Money website. Once there, you'll see a screen that looks similar to the one below.
Claiming interest means you will sell an equivalent amount of tokens (in this case, $0.019739 worth of GALE tokens) in order to claim the interest. You'll be given $0.019739 plus the value of the underlying assets you sold. In this example: If GALE was worth $.50, you would sell 0.01 GALE tokens and earn $0.019739 in interest, plus redeem (sell) 0.01 GALE tokens worth $0.019739 to collect a total of $0.039478.
This interest accumulates over time as a result of all underlying assets in GALE tokens constantly working on your behalf to earn interest. Anyone can claim this interest, and it's not your personal interest. The interest shown is the entire interest accumulation of the total supply hard at work. This means that you need to act fast if you see a large interest accumulation and you want to double your yields!