How To Use

Read below for instructions on using the SnowBank to amplify your yields!
First, navigate to the SnowBank on the Blizzard.Money site. You'll want to find SnowBank on the left hand panel. From where, you'll see an array of vaults, with some filters. Find one you like and get your LPs or single assets ready to earn!
Next, you'll want to select your chosen vault. It will drop down a new area, asking you to approve the contract. This will allow the strategy to manage your assets.
Once approved in your wallet, you can deposit your assets by clicking the blue number next to your displayed available LP. This will populate the correct amount of tokens. Once entered, hit the deposit button.
You'll get a notification from your wallet, asking you to approve the transaction. Once approved, you're all set! Note the red "Farming" text above the farm. This indicates you have deposited assets.
First, navigate to the SnowBank that you deposited your assets into. This will be marked with "Farming" over the name of the pair.
Next, you'll want to select your assets to unstake. You can do this by pressing the blue numbers in the Unstake column. It will automatically populate your amount. Then press WITHDRAW.
Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Once completed, you'll see the assets move from the "Unstake" to the "Stake" column. This indicates that you've withdrawn you assets, and any pending rewards have been harvested.