Ticker : Blizzard (xBLZD)

Chain : Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Supply : Unlimited with lowered emissions over time until zero (fixed supply).

Emission Rate :

Block Rate : 0.5 BLZD (14,440 BLZD/day)
8.88% of xBLZD emissions will be sent to a contract that distributes funds on a weekly basis to marketing, development and team wallets. Team members are free to sell tokens as they see fit, but have pledged to do so in a way that is NOT harmful to the project. Nobody works for free :)

Use Case:

xBLZD is our native yield farming token. During the early days of the farm, it was primarily a yield token that was sold as yield. However, as emissions have been reduced, the primary use case of the token is now staking in the Blizzard Dividend. This is a stake xBLZD earn BUSD pool that is funded by platform fees from the SnowBank. xBLZD is also used as the primary betting currency on the Mammoth Games Casino. Users will need to buy xBLZD to deposit and place their wagers at the on chain games, live games, poke tables, and slots.